Drag & Drop Upload

Drag and drop file uploads with image previews powered by Dropzone.js. Please read the official plugin documentation for a full list of options.

  class="dropzone dropzone-multiple w-100" 
  data-dropzone-files='["public/images/256_daniel-gaffey-1060698-unsplash.jpg", "public/images/256_rsz_clem-onojeghuo-150467-unsplash.jpg", "public/images/256_rsz_florian-perennes-594195-unsplash.jpg"]'>...</div>

Luma Luma

Luma is a beautifully crafted user interface for modern Education Platforms, including Courses & Tutorials, Video Lessons, Student and Teacher Dashboard, Curriculum Management, Earnings and Reporting, ERP, HR, CMS, Tasks, Projects, eCommerce and more.

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